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The Basenji
The Basenji a dog not for everyone....

When I think to a basenji, it comes to my mind a smart and stubborn dog, that is dynamic and independent, affectionate with the owner and special with kids, with a high sense of humour and an extra dose of courage.
More in specific we can say that:
  • Basenjis are active dogs that need and enjoy a good romp and run every day.
  • Basenji are full of curiosity and this curiosity gets often them into trouble, so you will need to pay extremely attention, because they always want to see all, taste all, go everywhere… and do all this before you have even the time to check out a possible danger.
  • They are very cat-like, and this is a good aspect if you consider that Basenji will spend much of their time grooming and carefully licking their coats just like a cat. As a consequence they will be extremely easy to groom and keep clean quickly….BUT….
  • ….but the bad aspect of this trait is that Basenji won’t always automatically please you every time: they are independent dogs with a very high level of intelligence and self-awareness. Please consider that this characteristic could seduce you or drive you crazy…well ...I went through both sensations living with them.
  • For anatomical reason, the Basenji cannot bark. This doesn’t mean that Basenji are mute: they produce a full variety of sounds, that puts together create a sort of “Basenji Language”. They could warn with a deep growl, they sound alarm when a stranger comes with a short & sharp Woof. My parents are greeted happily with a loud Yodel while me and my partner are always greeted with an enthusiastic and prolonged Yodel!

Exactly for these characteristics, the basenji is not a dog for everyone, so before deciding if open your house to a puppy or not, I deeply suggest to meet in person a basenji and collect a lot of information about the character and health issues.

As breeding a pure breed involves a high responsibility also towards the puppies born and their future life in the new selected families, to make the right choice sincerity is necessary between breeder and future owner. How is our life style? How much time could we spend with the dog? What are we expecting from this breed? These are only few questions to answer before approaching the basenji and sometimes the answers are enough to decide that this dog is not right for us.

In conclusion, respect this breed as it is, include the Basenji in your family as it want to be active part of it.
Play and run with your Basenji, enjoying the taste of freedom that this breed can donate to you and smile with your Basenji, appreciating its clownish sense of humour.

….if you will do so…you will have found a miracle with paws that will teach you fidelity and perseverance for life!!

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