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Our breeding: basic idea, hopes and purposes

A Wild Wonder Kennel is an amateur kennel, born from the pure and simple passion for this ancient breed.
The first Basenji that joined our family was IT Ch. Rudolph Dandongpei aka Krypto, and with him our adventure started in 2013. But since Basenji are like chocolate candy, one leads to another, in 2014 joined us also Mutabaruga’s Red Red Wine, our Foundation Bitch.

The choice of breeding came at a very short distance because we would like to give our contribution to preserve the typical basenji and its history over time.
Why the name “A Wild Wonder”? Because when you get in touch with this breed you couldn’t help but defining it like a “Wonder” of nature, with a “Wild” spirit.
Obviously, we are not an income-producing kennel and our dogs live with us, sharing the family life, without cages and our litters will be occasional and sporadic.

Breeding is for us a very high responsibility because it means to participate to the creation of life and contribute to the conservation of the culture and tradition that every pure breed brings with itself.

Our idea is therefore, to select typical subjects with great blood lines, great morphology and genetic, with a balanced temperament, open and friendly. In order to do so, the matings will be programmed following precise standards and trying to keep low the blood relation percentage.

We wish for the future to carry out a small “familiar” kennel, following methods aimed at respecting the proper nature of basenjis, that remained unchanged from the first meeting with man till today and so leave a small trace in the big history of this breed.

Our final purpose is therefore to raise with love healthy subjects, with their own personality and identity, that will be first of all life and adventures companions and, if the case and when the dog’s nature allows it, also suitable for the show rings, but overall we are sure that they will be able to always steal you a smile when you will come back home.

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